Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hi all.....I just wanted to take a quick minute to let everyone know how much I appreciate your support and patience while I put this business on it's feet! I have run into a snag with the bottle company I was going to purchase from. Their shipping cost is going to be higher than the actual total cost of the jars I was going to order. If I stay with this company my cost to customers would have to go up by about $.75 cents. Being a young company I am not happy about the prospect of doing that. One of the purposes of this business was to bring people a quality candle with a great scent throw at a very reasonable price. The company I was looking at is called "Specialty Bottle". I have just about pulled my hair out searching the net for another company I can do business with. I am looking for a brown amber recycled glass jar approximately 6 to 9 ounces. If anyone has any suggestions or sites that I can check out please please send them along. I want to get up and running but DON'T want to compromise my product. Thanks!!

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